Ideas for "extended permissions" (ACLs) in GnomeVFS

Hi all,

I haven't been able to code much in the last time, but I've had some
ideas about how to handle "extended permissions" in GnomeVFS:

- Besides what we already have, we need classes for volumes/filesystems
(but "Posix", "Posix+ACLs" instead of "ext2", "reiser", ...),
permissions and principals (users and groups)
- The permission type is a property of the volume/filesystem and maybe
the file type (file<->dir (AFS))
- The principal types are a property of the volume/filesystem
- We would need to determine the volume/FS a URI lies on, that gives the
permission type and possibly lists of users and groups in that context

Anyway, it's late. I have put up a very rough "class diagram" on for your viewing pleasure
(DIA and PNG). Feel free to discuss, rip to shreds, whatever.

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