Re: Support for ACLs/non Unix style permissions in gnome-vfs

Hi guys,

On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 18:16, snickell stanford edu wrote:
> > with recent exposure to file system ACLs (the betas of our next
> > release), I thought about what's barring nautilus to handle them as
> Fantastic! This is on our "TODO" list, but we've all been lazy and
> slack, and done other things. We had a draft API for this some months
> back, I'll try to dig that up for you when I get home.

	It'd be really great to try out the 'gep' process with this; it's the
sort of level of API addition that people would want to see discussed

	See the 'gep' CVS module,

	Sounds exciting though,



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