Having several applications available for a file type

I hope someone can help me with this mystery or at least point me at
some documentation.

On my Mandrake Cooker Gnome 2 + Nautilus setup if I right click on a
media file I get the option to open it with one of many media players.
This isn't just a bunch of default apps, at one point (in the 1.4 days)
I did add a special:

    Mplayer (No Sound) 

option which called mplayer with some command line options. Since the
move to gnome2 I have not been able to find any way of adding extra
applications to associate with mime types. All I can do is set the
handler to custom (one application) or chose one from a list of already
set up apps.

Whilst I was looking for the origin of the Mplayer (No Sound) entry I
found the following dotfile:


Which obviously gets generated from somewhere and has the following
warning pasted over it:

# This file is automatically generated by gnome-vfs application registry
# Do NOT edit by hand

So my question is what is the application behind this file and how do I
add multiple handlers for one mime-type? If its associated with the File
Types and Programs dialog then I can't see how.

Thanks in advance for any info on this problem.

Alex Bennee com

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