Re: Splitting gnome-utils for 3.4

hi Dennis;

On 2011-09-20 at 19:51, Dennis Cranston (Yahoo!) wrote:
> With the resources available to help on gnome-utils, it seems
> easier to continue releasing one tarball.  Otherwise, we need to
> determine who will step up and handle releases of the disk
> usage analyzer, gnome-screenshot, font-viewer, gnome-dictionary,
> gnome-system-log, and gnome-search-tool tarballs.  Sorry, I do not
> have the bandwidth these days to do gnome-search-tool releases.

I don't think doing multiple tarballs is going to be any more
problematic than it already is.

the system log viewer, the font viewer and the current incarnation of
the dictionary have seen far less action in the past few years. plus,
having multiple repositories should help in getting new people
interested — there are low hanging fruits in all the gnome-utils project
and, currently, building gnome-utils presents a somewhat higher barrier
for entry, as it requires a union of all prerequisite dependencies; if I
want to hack only on the dictionary I have to build everything.

as Cosimo said, splitting up gnome-utils also makes sense in the overall
approach of designing the platform in terms of features, and less in
terms of apps: it allows us to design all the components instead of
shipping a hodgepodge that will be broken off by distributions anyway.

Cosimo: the only issue I can think of when splitting up the repo are the
translations; currently, everything is translated into the same domain,
so we'll need the i18n teams to perform some surgery. we can probably do
it during the split (probably at the cost of the history), though.



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