applets and bonobo registration per DISPLAY...

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I'm trying to get Gnome 2.20 under Fedora 8 to play nice with VNC and/or
FreeNX and I'm having trouble with the applets.  It seems that if more
than one gnome-session is running, the applets 'stick' to the first
session.  By this, I mean:

1) applets don't show up in second session at all
2) attempting to add applets in the second session results in them being
added in the first session
3) more weird bonobo-activation issues possibly not applet related(*)

I have 'fixed' the MultiLoad applet by adding:

<oaf_attribute name="bonobo:environment" type="stringv">
 <item value="SESSION_MANAGER"/>
 <item value="DISPLAY"/>

but now I'm faced with having to add this stanza to 48 applet .server
files in /usr/lib/bonobo/servers and this seems wrong.

By the way, this all worked (works?) fine with Fedora 5, (gnome 2.14),
and I haven't been able to find an applets, bonobo or gnome-panel change
that explains this behavior.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

Also, can someone point to the place where the applets actually do the
bonobo registration?  I can find it!

(*) gnome-terminal launcher launches gnome-terminal in other session...

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