Re: What's happening this Saturday [was Re: Train Times to Brum]

Hi Sara,

I wrote a little about what happened on my blog <>

Basically we were mainly look around the venue and didn't have time to write up a volunteers schedule. However, that should be the next thing to do now we have a better idea of how many people will be needed in each room.

We will need one or two people in each of the main rooms, one person to look after the recording and another to make sure there are no problems and the speakers have everything they need. We decided it would be best to have two "shifts", morning and afternoon. What we need to do now is put up the schedule and rooms so people can fill in when they would like to volunteer and for which room. I think the easiest way will be on the wiki, so please create this page if you have time!



On 04/06/07 19:10, Sara Khalatbari wrote:
Hi Thomas

So how did the meeting go? Is there a defined schedule of who's going to be
in which room & doing what?

We can add the details to


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