Re: Gnome at LugRadio Live

Thomas Wood wrote:
Matthew Revell wrote:

> Matthew: What sort of things are expected for the stand? How many people
> and what sort of material?

It's entirely up to you. Last year, KDE handed out Kubuntu disks, gave people the opportunity to chat to developers (Jonathan Riddell ran the stand) and had demo machines. Most stands have two or three people running them, but the Debian stand is going to be a bit larger - they did a roaring trade in t-shirts last year :)

So we need two or three people for each day? Volunteers please!

Is anyone planning on ordering lots of Ubuntu CDs? Or does anyone have or would be able to get hold of any Fedora Core 5 CDs? I don't think there was a GNOME live cd for the 2.14 release, which is a shame.

I suppose the other things it would be nice to have are some posters, and if anyone locally has a "spare" desktop they could lend for the weekend...

(Why don't we grab the events box, which has all of this stuff minus the CDs?)


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