Re: Gnopernicus Crashing!

The best thing to do is use the "Inform Developers" button when the program crashes, to report the problem to developers. The advantage of this is that it will automatically collect and send the relevant information needed to identify what caused the crash. The developers will then be able to deduce what the problem is, and get back to you on how it might be solved. Including the information you provided below in the "comments" of the crash report might also be of some help.


Lists wrote:
Hi Folks,

I am a newbee to this group so hope I  can get some help here with a problem
I am having.

I recently installed Fedora core 5 to a Dell dimention. Processor isa P4
with 1.2 gigs of memory. I have two sound cards on the PC as I duel boot
between fedora and windows xp. I have an apollo2 synthesizer attached to com
1 because I am using speakup in the command section of linux.
I am however more interested in the GUI end of linux and it is while working
in here I experience my problem. Gnopernicus after a while and while I am
performing some task such as sending an email will suddenly crash and I have
no speech. This problem can happen anywhere  within the GUI  and I am not
sure what is causing it. I tried disableing one of my soundcards to see if
that would help but no luck. I am now wondering if perhaps Speakup
indirectly working through the apollo synthesizer may be causing something
to happen. Wonder if anyone on the list might have some ideas.



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