Gnopernicus Crashing!

Hi Folks,

I am a newbee to this group so hope I  can get some help here with a problem
I am having.

I recently installed Fedora core 5 to a Dell dimention. Processor isa P4
with 1.2 gigs of memory. I have two sound cards on the PC as I duel boot
between fedora and windows xp. I have an apollo2 synthesizer attached to com
1 because I am using speakup in the command section of linux.
I am however more interested in the GUI end of linux and it is while working
in here I experience my problem. Gnopernicus after a while and while I am
performing some task such as sending an email will suddenly crash and I have
no speech. This problem can happen anywhere  within the GUI  and I am not
sure what is causing it. I tried disableing one of my soundcards to see if
that would help but no luck. I am now wondering if perhaps Speakup
indirectly working through the apollo synthesizer may be causing something
to happen. Wonder if anyone on the list might have some ideas.



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