Re: GUADEC Travel to BCN

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 09:50 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
> I am currently wondering how to get to Barcelona for GUADEC this
> year. 
> If anyone else is looking into flights from the UK, I think there are 
> 'planes from Luton with easyjet that are relatively cheap. Someone 
> mentioned Ryanair, but I have no experiance with them. Any advice
> would 
> be welcome!

I'm not going to GUADEC, but since you've hinted that any advice on
Ryanair would be welcome, and I've been with them quite a lot: they are
pretty good.

One thing to bear in mind however that when they say "City X", what they
sometimes mean is "An airport in the general vicinity, or at the very
least in the same country as City X".

I think this applies to "Barcelona": the airport they use is about an
hour away, I believe. No idea how this affects GUADEC.

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