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Paul Cooper wrote:
> Sorry for lack of feedback - I've been away in deepest darkest
> Cornwall where there is no internet (it would appear). In general I
> think for the keynotes with need a mix of people from inside the OSS
> community, and those outside with interesting viewpoints.
> We were aiming to get invites out first thing in the new year -
> although first we need to finalise an ordered list of keynotes (or
> perhaps a set of ordered lists in the different types; Marketing,
> Technical, General, etc).

Thanks for the comments! All spot on, and in line with my own thinking
(I would like to see more names for the design category though, if
anyone has ideas - last year I suggested James Dyson, for example - or
how about Jonathan Ives?). Simon Phipps was there last year, so I'd
hesitate about inviting him again as a keynote.

One other comment jumped out at me, and demanded a response:

>> - Joel Spolsky - - Eric Sink -
>> (pretty windows oriented, though...)
> Both of these guys would be good to give a more developer oriented
> talk - Joel would be my preference since he would seem to have more
> interest / awareness of open-source.

Eric Sink was a founder of Abisource, and one of the initial developers
of Abiword (just a point of information).

And just a couple of other notes:

>> - The Internet's Jono Bacon?
> I was going to suggest Jono too, but then I thought it might be even
> better to have the whole LUGRadio team do a keynote. Perhaps they
> could do a series of 5 - 10 minute interviews? They are pretty
> creative so maybe just leave it to them and see what they come up
> with. Might be good for the closing keynote?

Jono contacted me after I suggested him to say that he would love to do
a keynote, and is preparing a new keynotey type presentation which he
would like to give us.

> To add to the list;
> Tim O'Reilly (Thos's suggestion) - Tim has family in the UK so is a
> possibility but it might be too close to OSCON.

He's Irish - get your filthy "any Paddy who succeeds is really British"
mits off 'im.

> Hugh McCleod - Slightly left field
> suggestion. Blogger who helped build English Cut, and Stormhoek wine
> simply through his blog, cartoons, and word of mouth.

In line with Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki - but I get the feeling that
all of those aren't really well suited to GUADEC.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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