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Thomas Wood wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a quick reminder to say we had hoped to get a list of possible key 
> note speaker suggestions done by the end of December. If anyone has any 
> ideas of people they would like to hear speak, please pass names and 
> contact details on to guadec-list gnome org!

Aside from gapminder: which I mentioned
already, here's a scattering of ideas:

 - Tim Berners Lee
 - Eben Moglen
 - Donald Norman (author: "The design of Everyday Things") -
 - Scott Berkun -
 - Alan Cooper (Author: "The Inmates are Running the Asylum") -
 - Seth Godin -
 - Guy Kawasaki -
 - Doc Searls -
 - Joel Spolsky -
 - Eric Sink - (pretty windows oriented, though...)
 - Jonathan Schwarz (OK - risky having CEOs at the conference, but it'd
be fun)
 - Ron Hovsepian (it'd be fun - bring your rotten tomatoes)
 - The Internet's Jono Bacon?

In general, I'm trying to think of people I know give a good
presentation, which would be a little relevant to the community -
someone in software is great, someone in design would be great, someone
in technical writing or technical marketing would be OK (on the
condition that they're interesting, and fun). I couldn't think of too
many high-profile actual hackers that give good presentations, though...


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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