Re: Proposed constitution for society (needed for bank account)

Rob Bradford wrote:
Here is a revised constitution based on feedback. Remember the main
purpose is to get a bank account. The feedback seems to point towards

Fine by me, if that's the general consensous. It does mention a turnover of less than £100,000, which we would have to check with Quim and the board that this is reasonable.

On the constitution side, I'm still slightly weary about restricting membership to only those that have already made a contribution. I don't see why being part of GNOME-UK couldn't be the first contribution someone makes to the project. Maybe 'significant contribution' can include using GNOME on a recent and regular basis ;-)

I also want to make sure we include all the organisations that have expressed interest in the decision making process, especially with regards to GUADEC.

However, we do need to make sure everyone understands that the only benefit of being a member of 'the society' is to be able to vote for and volunteer for the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Everything else (getting involved in discussions, helping out at events, attending meet ups) remains the same as it is now, with anyone and everyone welcome!

I propose we have a meeting at some point during LinuxWorld in London (25-26 October) to finalise the constitution, and to vote for the positions. I suppose the next thing to do is ask for volunteers to fill the positions. If there aren't any volunteers, then maybe we shall have to pull some foundation member names out of a hat ;-)


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