Re: GNOME T-Shirts

Thomas Wood wrote:
> Several people mentioned they might like the GNOME T-Shirts, and I think
> it would be nice if everyone at the LinuxWorld Expo had them. The
> official ones are here:
> If people don't like the oficial ones, then the other option is to
> design our own and get them printed for the Expo, but I think that may
> be a little more complicated to organise.

I reckon we should go for the official ones as we'd like to appear as a
proffesional outfit when we're trying to present GNOME. Plus, we don't
want everyone turning up in their own design and it looking like we
can't organise a pissup in a brewery :)

> Is anyone interested in doing this, or would people prefer to just order
> their own?
Makes sense to do a bulk-order as it's coming from the States, we'd all
save on postage. What do the guys who said they want to work on the
stand think?

Oh, Thos - any chance of sorting the "reply-to" setting so that replies
go to the list?


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