Reminder and Welcome letter of GNOME.Asia Summit 2017

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Dear all,

Now, I'm very exciting and proud to remind you, all GNOME fans, IT'S TIME! And welcome to Chongqing to Attend GNOME.Asia Summit 2017!

The conference event will be held during 2017.10.14 to 2017.10.16 (UTC+8 time zone) in the city of Chongqing, with the first two days scheduled for the conference meetings and the third a one day tour in Chongqing city(you can register at the service desk). The location of the meetings on 10.14 and 10.15 will be in the primary meeting room on the 3rd floor and the secondary meeting room on the 5th floor, at the main building of campus A, Chongqing University. You can check details on our official website or just check on Google Maps by URL 


Please join our Telegram group at “ ”, which will be our public channel of communication for this event, apart from email and other communication channels. You will receive instant messages in this channel. English or Chinese are all acceptable.( most of our attendees are Chinese, but English is good too)

We have some contact windows on communications of various channels, you can contact your contact window who had contacted you in the past time, and if need, you can contact me too. (maybe I'm very busy during the conference days, so I recommend you contact the contact windows in telegram at first). My public telegram id is bootingman, and public telephone number is +86-17699968986, you can call me when urgent. You will never feel alone when you need us.

Contact windows in Telegram group

Foreign Speakers: Anna Yin

Chinese Speakers: Maxwell Liu

Communities: Shenxiu

Sponsors: Minjie Sun

Volunteers: Xiaojin

Registration: Ziqiang Li

Live Streaming: Huahua

Media reception: Zhouni

On-site social media engagement(English):Zhouni

On-site social media engagement(Chinese):Wangyun

Photography and video recording: Beibei Liu

Shown below are some info and tips that could make your days cosier and easier during this event in Chongqing. However the info provided here is subject to changes and please do follow the latest update through our website: . You can find all the information about this event on this website.

About tickets

Limited to the China's law and sponsor's platform(only law-allowed to support China registered phone number), Chinese attendees must register on the ticket platform to get an electronic ticket QRcode, and attendees from out of China, you don't need to register on the platform, just come and register at reception desk.


Some tips

1. There are 4 campus in Chongqing University, which are referred to as campus A, B, C, D respectively. Among them A, B, C are located in Shapingba district. Campus D, aka Campus Huxi, however, is located in the University Town. Please note that the conference event is held in campus A instead of the other three. And please make sure you check the map and get to the right place.

2. Google, Facebook and some other websites are blocked by China government of communists' party, we will provide network in venue, but if you want to access Google, you should have a VPN.( we can't provide, using VPN is illegal for Chinese citizens as latest laws released in 2017)

3. Weather: the temperature is 20℃ in current days, maybe it's rainy among conference 3-days, you can check the details by URL 

4. Urgent number in China is :110, you can call 100 without a SIM card.


About traffic (directly leading to the conference location):
1. If you arrive Chongqing at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, you could take subway Line.3 and get off at the “Hong Qi He Gou” stop, leave the station through Exit 4, and turn left before crossing the street. Board yourself on Bus No.202 at “East Hong Qi He Gou” and get off at the “Chongqing University” stop. You will see the front door of Chongqing university Campus A. If you take a cab (with Uber perhaps), the cost is around 80 RMB.

2. If you arrive Chongqing at North Chongqing railway station, South Square. Then please take bus No.821 and get off at “Sha Zhong Lu” station. Walk straight, back along the route of the bus, till Sha Ping Ba south street, and turn right. You will see the front door of the university campus 500 meters walk away. A cab taking you directly to the campus would cost around 40 RMB.

3. If you arrive Chongqing at North Chongqing railway station, North Square. Please take bus 217 and get off at “Sha Yang” street. Walk straight, back along the route of the bus, till the “Sha Ping Ba South” street, and turn left. You will see the front door of the university campus 500 meters walk away. A cab taking you directly to the campus would cost around 40 RMB.


GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 have meal arrangements for speakers, sponsors and volunteers (except breakfasts, dinner of Oct 14, Oct 14 night is the free night, you can find and explore this city). There are plenty of choices for a meal in Chongqing. Please contact your contact window to follow the schedule.


Please check this website to get the schedule, We use the original title provided by speaker.(some speakers pulled change request, it is in process but maybe not acceptable) if you find the title is English, it means, the speaker will give a talk in English, if you find the tile is Chinese, and, you know, the speaker will give the talk in Chinese. And you can click the button of "add to my calendar" to add to your online calendar.


We need you:

1. Engagement with our social media account on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Weibo, Flickr with tag #GNOME.Asia Summit 2017

2. Help  to share GNOME.Asia news with your local community. Write blogs in your blog site or submit to local tech news site.


At the end of this letter, WELCOME TO CHONGQING! if any questions, please feel free to tell me.

Thanks to our sponsors and peoples who helped or helping GNOME,


Best Regards!

Wen Qixiang |聞其詳
GNOME.Asia 2017 Committee

Please follow our social media for the latest news of GNOME.Asia 2017.

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