GNOME hackfest in Taiwan

Hi everyone,

You might have seen it on Planet GNOME, but I thought I'd mention it
here too: me and Marco Trevisan are planning on getting together working
on fractional scaling in GNOME in form of a mini hackfest[0]. As I'm
based in Taipei, and Marco was in the region already, we decided to do
it in Taipei, June 5th to 9th.

The topic of the hackfest includes things such as GNOME Shell, Mutter,
GTK+, and Xwayland.

If anyone is interested, and want to help out and/or learn about the
graphics stack of GNOME, don't hesitate contacting me or Marco about
joining the hackfest (for any number of days).

If anyone is interested in having a GNOME meetup, or just grab some food
and/or beer with us, any evening of that week, let me know too!

FWIW, even though I write this in English, feel free to contact me using



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