Call for Papers announcement of GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Chongqing

Dear all,

GNOME.Asia officially released the announcement of Call for Papers, please find the links below, and please help us to share this announcement to your friends who are interested in GNOME and Open Source, thank you.

link of English version on is
link of Chinese version is

I am Qixiang of Chongqing team, As the PM of this event, I proudly share this news with you,  and sincerely invite you to submit a paper and schedule a travel to Chongqing,it would be my great honor to win your interest in this event, Year 2017 is such a special year, it is GNOME project's 20th anniversary, and it is also the city Chongqing's 20th anniversary, besides all, GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Chongqing is the 10th GNOME.Asia summit, it's very very wonderful between GNOME and Chongqing city! we will try our best to make it a great summit event.

If any suggestions , please feel free to let me know, thank you

Please help us to share this announcement to your friends who are interested in GNOME and Open Source, thank you!
诚挚邀请您向本次 GNOME峰会投稿,并烦请帮忙将此通告的中英文文链接给您身边关心 GNOME 和开源的朋友,多谢!


English Version:

GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Call for Papers is now open

GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 invites proposals for presentations at the conference. GNOME.Asia Summit is the featured annual GNOME Conference in Asia. The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop, but also covers applications and the development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum for users, developers, foundation leaders, governments and businesses to discuss the present technology and future developments.

The conference will be held in Chongqing University, Chongqing, China from 2017-10-14  until 2017-10-16. We welcome proposals by newcomers and experienced speakers alike.


Coinciding with the 10 years anniversary of GNOME.Asia, 20 years since GNOME was born and the 20 years anniversary of Chongqing’s promotion as a province-level municipality, GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 arrives at the mountain city of Chongqing this year, which have an extraordinary significance.

Please submit yours at:

Possible topics include, but not limited to:

Contributing to GNOME

Contributing to Linux and Open Source

Open Source Enlightenment and Related Story

Emerging Technologies

Other topics could include any topic related to Free and Open Source Software not listed above.

We are about to launch program to fund part of the speakers to cover their travel expense. Please fill in the related blank in the application form and follow the latest news at: . GNOME foundation members are encouraged to apply to GNOME Travel Committee for travel allowance.

A standard session will be scheduled for 45 mins (35 mins talk + 10 mins Q&A). The session could be a technical talk, panel discussion, or BOF. If you need more time or additional resources, feel free to get in touch with the organizing team.

For participants who would like to participate, but are not sure they’d like to do a full talk proposal, we have shorter lightning talks. These are a 10 minutes presentation to demonstrate your work or promote an interesting topic. These talks will be grouped together in a single session.

Please provide a short abstract of your proposal (under 150 words). Include your name, biographical information, a photo suitable for the web, a title, and a description of your presentation. The reviewing team will evaluate the entries based on the submitted abstracts and available time by following the schedule.

*Submission deadline: 2017-08-15
*Confirmation of paper acceptance: 2017-08-20 until 2017-08-25

All interested contributors are highly encouraged to send in talks.

The GNOME.Asia 2017 Team

*More information about GNOME Asia Summit 2017 is available at:


一年一度的GNOME.Asia亚洲峰会在2017年度来到了山城重庆!2017年是重庆直辖20周年,也是GNOME项目诞生20周年,还是GNOME.Asia 峰会的第十届,意义非凡。本次峰会是继北京、越南胡志明、台北、印度班加罗尔、香港和韩国首尔、印尼雅加达后,GNOME.Asia首次来到中国西部城市。重庆是一个美丽而热情的城市,与开源社群碰撞出了很多火花,相信本次GNOME.Asia 峰会也一定会给大家带来近前来国内最精彩的开源盛会和最大的惊喜!大会官网是: 敬请关注。


1. GNOME 有关的开发、本地化、社区运营、推广等话题,包括但不限于:
* GNOME的最新开发动态
* 开发GNOME 3 的应用
* GNOME 界面设计
* GNOME 测试
* GNOME 辅助功能
* GNOME人机界面工程(图标和图形设计)
* GNOME 市场
* 推广自由软件 / 开源软件
* 亚洲成功案例或本地GNOME项目
* GNOME和教育
* GNOME 女性拓展计划
* 在移动设备上使用和开发 GNOME (智能手机和平板)
* 在嵌入设备或开源硬件上使用和开发 GNOME
* Google Summer of Code

2. Linux 以及开源有关的话题,包括但不限于
* Linux 内核及开发
* 开源操作系统的开发、使用和技术、推广
* Debian、Fedora、openSUSE、Ubuntu、及FreeBSD等发行版相关的话题
* 其他开源项目有关的开发、使用、推广话题

3. 开源启蒙及开源实践
* 普及、介绍开源精神和开源理念,对开源的感受
* 引导、介绍新人如何参与开源项目,如何贡献开源项目
* 你的开源故事、如何参与开源社区、开源经历
* 女生如何更好地参与开源
* 在生活及工作中如何使用开源工具改善流程与提高效率

4. 前沿技术与最新科技,包括但不限于
* 人工智能
* 深度学习、机器学习
* 大数据
* 智能化运维
* 其他前沿技术

5. 其他你想到的有意思的跟开源和IT有关的话题,我们也非常欢迎。


如果您愿意在GNOME.Asia 2017分享你的见解与知识,请在 提交您演讲的相关信息。



我们针对部分Speaker推出了赞助计划,如果你的演讲话题通过了组委会的遴选,你可以根据自身经济状况向组委会提出赞助申请。比如在校学生和经济上需要补助的讲者可以按照格式向指定邮箱发送邮件申请赞助。GNOME基金会成员可以向 GNOME travel committee 申请差旅补助。赞助计划详情,请关注 Linux Story (的后续动态。

如果您对担任本次峰会的志愿者有兴趣,请在 提交您的信息,或者跟 shirleylv ezgolinux org 联系联系。包括视频制作、设计、翻译、活动现场、组织、策划、宣传等等;只要您热爱开源,我们都一样欢迎。

感谢您的申请,同时也欢迎您推荐身边的朋友加入。如果您暂时不打算作为一名讲者,也欢迎参与GNOME.Asia 2017,因为这会是一场非常精彩的开源盛会!想了解更多,欢迎访问我们的官方网站: .

GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Paper 委员会
联络邮箱:papers chongqinglug org

Wen Qixiang 聞其詳

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