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Subject: [SFD-announce] Education Freedom Day Celebrations January 18, 2014
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Dear all,

We are launching a new celebration as announced in August, around Open
Educational Resources and Free Educational Software called Education
Freedom Day [1] which will be celebrated on January 18th, 2014
(Saturday). The registration just opened and follow our other events
process with a wiki page creation [2] and then registration [3]!

The date has been chosen as mid school year in order to somewhat make
an update on any project an education institution has been involved
with, and look at what to deploy the next school year. There are
nowadays hundreds of resources which we will try to list (a few of
them at least) in our wiki [4] which goes from specific tuition to
complete solutions depending on what your focus is. Some involve
software, some don't (except for the materials to follow). We hope
that you will be able to gather as many educators/teachers/professors
as possible and make them discover OER communities and the immense
possibilities that goes together with them.

EFD support questions will be handled on the efd mailing list[5] or
efd IRC channel #efday @ Freenode.

Thanks a lot and happy EFD!

The Digital Freedom Foundation Board

[1] http://www.educationfreedomday.org/
[2] http://wiki.educationfreedomday.org/2014
[3] http://www.educationfreedomday.org/cgi-bin/register.py
[5] http://mail.sf-day.org/lists/listinfo/efd-discuss

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