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感? Emily 的分享

也希望台????快出?  Women Outreach 的人?

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Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com> 於 2011年9月17日上午11:25 ?道:
又一届的Women Outreach Program又开始接受申请了, 正好在SFD开始的这一天.

去年来自北京的俞莲苏成功完成了WOP的实习项目, 她正好在今天的SFD北京交通大学会场跟大家分享她的实习和申请经验。

希望今年有更多的女生参加这个项目. 大家现在开始准备吧!

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Hi all!

We are starting an application process for the third round of GNOME Outreach Program for Women internships just in time for the Software Freedom Day!

The dates for these internships are December 12, 2011 to March 12, 2012. The application deadline is October 31, 2011. The internship dates are aimed at the college women in the Southern Hemisphere who will have a school summer break during this time. However, any woman who has relevant experience and is available for a full-time internship is welcome to apply.

Please check out all the program details here and consider applying for the program!

If you are heading to a Software Freedom Day event, please help us spread the word by bringing a few flyers there or making an announcement about the internship opportunities at the event. You can just tell people to check out the main GNOME website for more information.

You can also help us spread the word by sending the information about the program to the universities and organizations, posting the flyer on the university campuses or handing it out at conferences, encouraging anyone who'd be a good candidate to apply, or writing an update about the program on, Twitter, Facebook or Google+!

A flyer, a sample e-mail, and even a sample dent/tweet are here:

Thank you!
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