GNOME 3 IRC HelpDesk April 1st

Dear GNOME 3 Party Organizer,

While the GNOME 3.0 bangalore hackfest is going full speed and lots of bug fixes have been written and pushed to the GNOME repositories we are also opening a GNOME 3 Helpdesk through IRC until this Friday April 1st and on site at the GNOME.Asia Summit during the conference on April 2nd and 3rd. The purpose is really to try to address all sorts of questions covering technical aspects, installation, availability, participation and GNOME 3.0 launch parties. The support will be provided by the hackfest participants and thus limited to the Asian timezones during those 4 days. In order to reach us just log in the GNOME IRC server and join the #gnome-asia channel, or attend the conference itself if you are in Bangalore.

Our hackfest hackers have been preparing all sorts of GNOME, GNOME 3 or Free Software related slides and you may access them here at (just go to the page, the click <<attachments>> on the right side menu, you will see all the slides available). You can expect more than 30 slides (to be released under Creative Commons or free license) in the coming week. Please go back to the page regularly as more slides are coming!

We are about 1 week from the GNOME 3.0 release, please help to promote GNOME 3 by bloging about your preparation, your event and by uploading pictures of your events to picture sharing websites. Pictures and blog posts can be tagged to #gnome3parties. We highly recommend you to release your photos under creative commons or any free license so we can publish them in our website as well.

All the best to your GNOME 3.0 Launch Party!

Pockey Lam

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