Redeem goodies for your GNOME 3.0 launch party

Dear organizer,

You received this email because you registered to receive goodies for your GNOME 3.0 Launch Party.

Would you please fill out the information below and return it (by replying this email) on or before Feb 15. If there is any special requirement to help with custom's clearance in your country, please mention it below#.

In order to provide more support to your event, we are preparing materials like GNOME 3.0 presentations, flyers and web banners at the moment, will keep you posted once they are ready to download / localize.

Please help to promote GNOME 3 by bloging about your event and by sending us pictures. You can upload these to your event page, send us a link to your blog post, or email them to gugmasters-list(at)gnome(dot)org. we will publish those event pictures and blog links in the website to share with everybody. Pictures and blog posts can be tagged to #gnome3parties

Thank you for your support and Happy GNOME 3.0 Launch Party preparation!

Tell us about the organizing team

  • Organization name:
  • Website:
  • Organizing team size:

Tell us about your event

  • Venue:
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Number of expected participants:
  • Event activities include:
  • Event web page (URL):
  • Size of 3 T-shirts (from XS to XXXL):
  • Do you want a banner with a generic GNOME message (because banners are in limited quantity, please let us know why):
  • Approximately how many GNOME related events / activities have you organized in the past 1 year?

Delivery contact

  • First Name:
  • Family Name:
  • Primary phone number:
  • Secondary phone number:
  • Delivery address:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Postal Code:
  • Custom requirements #:
** Please double check your phone numbers and delivery address in order to ensure the delivery.

If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.


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