Re: GNOME people in ICOS

Hi Imacat,

I'm really happy that I meet you in person.

Emily, you have given me few more good friends in Taiwan :)

I'm very pleased with Imacat :-)


On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 9:49 PM, imacat <imacat mail imacat idv tw> wrote:
於 10.09.16 08:29pm, Emily Chen 提到:
> If there are some people also in ICOS, please say hi to Nagappan or go out
> to beer together.

   Both are done, per your request. ^_^

   Actually, Nagappan does not drink beer, and due to the coming
Typhoon he will leave in 15 min and take the airplane back later in the
afternoon.  But I still managed to buy him two bottles of beer. :p

imacat ^_*'
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