Re: [GNOME-TR] Introduction of al_shopov, proposal for meeting

Hi everybody,

Time has passed and it is the day after tomorrow that I will be leaving for Turkey.

The final information that I can provide for my excursion is as follows:

24 March (Fri) - I am leaving for Turkey. The same day I will be in Istanbul, however I will be just passing through the town so there will be no opportunities for meeting.

25 - 30 March - I will be in Side - hotel Sertakaya.

31 March - traveling back to Bulgaria. I will pass and stay several hours (probably at least 5) in Istanbul. There is a planned site seeing - the Sultans Palace - DOLMA BAHÇE SARAYI. If necessary I will gladly trade it for meeting you or it will be a good point to meet. During the stay I will check my mail (if there are such things as Internet cafés in Side).

I am sending my phone number (and a link to a picture of me) to Firat KUCUK and Enver ALTIN. We can keep in touch this way.

Best regards:

Alexander Shopov

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