Re: [GNOME-TR] Introduction of al_shopov, proposal for meeting

Hi guys,

A meeting did not occur but I had a very busy program in your country.
I enjoyed my short stay a lot and managed to see the sun eclipse in its full glory, Side, Allanya, Antalia, Demir, Perge, Aspendos, Kekova - where I even swam over the sunken town, ate really good food, extremely liked the Efes Pilsner (*Extra*) brand of beer and generally received lots of fun and sun tan.

If I go back to Turkey (and I do hope so) - I will write again for a meeting. And if someone of you goes through Bulgaria - you already know my coordinates and we can meet.

If I really had to pick something to take with me from my stay - I would like to be as persuasive in love affairs as Turkish salesmen are in making a sell.

Best regards:

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