ANNOUNCE: gtk-css-engine 0.2 available.

The CSS Theme Engine for Gtk+, Version 0.1 is available for download:


  + 4268420614b57a8e54a40e7fea3ea22c  gtk-css-engine-0.2.0.tar.bz2
  + c02e05a4d5afa2be54814ff9f2100dba  gtk-css-engine-0.2.0.tar.gz


The Cascading Style Sheet Theme Engine for the GNU is Not UNIX Image
Manipulation Program Tool Kit Plus (commonly just `CSS engine') is an
experimental theme engine reading styling information from CSS rather
than the traditional gtkrc format.

Because of the fledgling status this project is still in, desktop-wide
use of CSS themes is not supported yet. Currently The Widget
Factory [1] is the recommended way for working with the CSS engine.

The focus of this release is on basic CSS support.

  + Border radius.
  + Background image: -attachment, -position, -repeat, -size.
  + External tool `css2gtkrc` for extracting gtkrc information from

  + Rounded corners.
  + CSS compliant background-image settings.
  + Use actual borders for checks and options, make them use 100% of
    the allocated space.

  + Create `color` property and use it for bg- and fg-color
    (in `block`, `style`, ...).
  + More robust parsing, handle (some) invalid CSS.
  + Better stability, work around a problem in libcroco (b.g.o#553937).
  + Have an internal instance of `ccss_style_t` with default values,
    `ccss_style_init()` initialises the style to those. Then drawing
     functions don't have to check for `NULL` pointers any more, or, at
     least not handle them functionally.


The engine ships a forthcoming port of the `Gilouche' theme by Jakub
Steiner and Garrett LeSage. A screenshot is avavailable at:


  + Andreas Nilsson:   art.
  + Robert Staudinger: code.


The release-date for the subsequent version has not been determined
yet, but we are confident that 0.3 will be the first version supporting
desktop-wide use. Please refer to the roadmap (TODO file) for details.


- Robert Staudinger

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