Re: GNOME Art Meeting Reminder (Monday 19:00 UTC)


Here a summery of the meeting on Monday. Full logs available on the wiki

The next meeting is going to be on the 8th December at 19:00 UTC (again

      * Andreas Nilsson 
      * Andrea Cimitan 
      * Vinicius Depizzol 
      * Thorten Wilms 
      * Benjamin Berg 
      * Kenneth Wimer 
      * Nathan Samson 
      * baze 
      * pacho 

Secondary GNOME Logo

The issue is that the foot logo is considered offensive in some
cultures; a summery can be found on the FootAndCulturalIssue [1] page.
Andreas is already working on replacing the throbber with a neutral one
similar to the firefox throbber. There was a consensus that doing this
is a good idea.

Some discussion ensued about the possibility of having a different icon
for start-here depending on the locale. It was noted that many
distributions are already changing this icon, and it is not feasible to
modify the icon theme depending on the locale (only way would be a
locale specific gtkrc). In the end the consensus was that it is best to
completely remove the foot logo from the icon theme. Andreas suggested
to try out a flower for the start-here icon.

Vinicius mentioned that gnome-system-monitor uses a banner that contains
the GNOME logo. While the logo seems useless here, it is also not very

Plans for GNOME 2.26

The most up to date RoadMap is at RoadMap/Artwork [2].

Andreas says that the work on 256x256 icons has started. As this is a
lot of work GNOME 2.28 may be a more appropriate target. The high
resolution icons are not used very often, mostly by eg. GNOME Do and
Elisa Media Center. 

There is work going on to remove icons from normal menus, and therefor
get rid of visual clutter. Relevant to this is Kenneth says that
Ubuntu will soon have some ideas to reduce the clutter. 

Benjamin says that he does not expect the flat theme to be in 2.26
(which originaly was on the list for 2.24). He wants to change
Clearlooks/gtk-engines to make forking easier (Additional Comment: The
idea is that the forks can use most code completely unchanged, and will
get bugfixes, etc. by following upstream). 


Nothing was discussed about this. As Andreas said, it also depends a lot
on the new GnomeShell [3] plans. A GNOME Art meeting may take place at
LGM next year. 

Next meeting

The next meeting is going to be Monday 8th December at 19:00 UTC. 

Thanks to everyone who attended,



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