GNOME Volume Manager icon love

Hi artists and coders.

Are you waiting for new stuff to do? This is the message for you.

In gnome-volume-manager we need:
     1. a custom icon for capplet, name "gnome-volume-properties" (as
        well as the executable) at usual 16, 22, 32 pixels and scalable.
        This icon will appear in System->Preferences (or in Control
     2. custom icons for video dvd and audio cd (grab media-optical and
        put some emblems on it). Names are media-optical-????
     3. custom icon for palm and pocketpc PDAs (pda-palm and
     4. code to perform icon fallback for pda-* and media-optical-*

Of course g-v-m should have icon fallback support before providing
custom icons listed in 2 and 3

Relevant bugs: 435406 for issue 1, 413925 for issue 4, 2, and 3. Check
also bugs 435402 and 435414, 'cause g-v-m is using custom code to load
icons, not gtk_image_new_from_icon_name()

Oh, fixing issue 4, gnome-volume-manager will be the fist application to
use icon fallback. This could be really interesting to check this
feature in the real world.

Cheers, Luca.

PS note that icon fallback should happen in notification dialogs too
(see manager.c)

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