Re: Emblem status in gnome-icon-theme

Il giorno mer, 27/06/2007 alle 09.58 +0200, Luca Ferretti ha scritto:
> IMHO Another task to do in 2.20 timeframe is clarify the emblem
> question.
> ### The Issues ###
> There are several issues here (not all fixable in g-i-t). The current
> status is:
>       * g-i-t is shipping a lot of emblems: legacy emblems and INS[1]
>         emblems
>       * not all INS emblems are in g-i-t; not all sizes are available
>       * if I'm right, by now only Nautilus and F-Spot are using emblems
>       * Nautilus grabs emblems at wrong size
>       * Nautilus has bugs getting emblem names
>       * other...
> Besides, with emerging xdg-user-dirs spec/utils/approac, could be
> interesting provide emblems (or another mechanism[2]) to identify
> special dirs.

### The Bugs ###
[nautilus] emblem-nowrite icon is legacy, use emblem-readonly
[nautilus] emblem-noread icon is legacy, use emblem-unreadable
[nautilus] Use new "user-desktop" named icon instead legacy
[nautilus] apply emblems to xdg-user-dirs

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