Patch for Clearlooks Theme exporting symbols unneccesarily

Clearlooks gave me some headaches with our app (BMPx,, as it exports symbols quite into the wild which is completely unneccesary and can cause collisions with applications, and in our case did so.

For exmple, our app has a drawing function draw_arrow () that uses Cairo to draw a certain kind of arrow, and Clearlooks had a symbol of the same name exported publicly up to at least 0.6.2 (in CVS it's renamed to clearlooks_draw_arrow(), but it's still public never the less).

Just in case the discussion arises: You always run N (distinct) apps versus 1 style engine, but 1 (identical) style engine versus N (distinct) apps. So you could argue we should prefix our function as well, and it might be a good idea probably in case some other lib has a symbol of this name. However, theme engines don't need to export any symbols except the GTypeModule stuff and the GType registration for the style and rc_style.

So please find here attached a patch against clearlooks-cvs from the gtk-engines module in GNOME CVS from roughly Fri Jan  6 07:43:20 CET 2006 which keeps all symbols unneccessary G_GNUC_INTERNAL,  plus the needed clearlooks.sym file (to be put into gtk-engines/engines/clearlooks) which lists only the neccesary symbols to be exported.

(The G_GNUC_INTERNAL prefixing isn't complete, it doesn't cover support.c yet, but the .sym file should cover hiding these symbols as well)


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