Re: UI Review

Davyd Madeley wrote:
On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 05:00:14PM +0000, Thomas Wood wrote:

There has been a general objection to the new 'glossy' look, and it would be possible to revert it. However, I haven't done so since I thought we were in the UI freeze, and changes to the default theme would probably not be welcome unless they where major usability issues or such like. I would really welcome more input from people on this subject - but please, on the correct list! If you'd like to discuss theme issues, please do so on gnome-themes-list. I would be glad if we had a few usability people on the list too.

I think a case can be made here to use the same look and feel as we
did for the last release. One of the reasons for UI freeze is
because we have to do a lot of screenshots for documentation. This
would stop a lot of the work being required.

In addition, since there was the possible requirement of having to
revert to a pre-Cairo version of gtk-engines for speed reasons: I
don't know how many screenshots have been done using the new theme.

Perhaps a theme file for the more subdued Clearlooks we're used to
(but with the lovely smoothed corners and gradients) can be prepared
and then the release team can make a decision?

The cairo version of clearlooks could definitely be made to look more like the original version, but I doubt there would be much improvement in speed if that is what you are looking for.

We could definitely ship a different gtkrc for the default theme, but we might have to rename the theme, as it would clash with the default clearlooks theme. Having said that, perhaps the new look could be given a new name instead. Adding Richard to CC for his input (not sure if you're on gnome-themes-list already?).


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