GTK Theme Torturer


[No need to CC me, I just subscribed to the list.]

Thomas pinged me yesterday on IRC and told me you guys might
beinterested by the small application I have been coding lately.

This "GTK Theme Torturer" mainly does two things: 

1) crash test the engine by calling all the GTK paint functions with
unusual parameters and 

2) measure the time the theme takes to create/map/expose/resize/destroy
widgets (with help from Federico Mena's widget profiler's

Some more details and screenshots:

and you can get a tarball here:

I have used it to benchmark a few themes (Clearlooks, Human,
HighContrast and the OLPC theme -- for which the torturer was originally
designed). The results are available as a spreadsheet here:

(absolute values aren't really interesting, but the ratios give some
useful info).

I have sent a short analysis of these tests to the OLPC list [1] and the
Ubuntu list [2].

In the near future, I'll certainly be hanging around on IRC to ask some
advice, if it is okay with you: I'm going to start working on the OLPC
theme/engine and I'm definitely going to need some expert
help/teaching/advice :) Which channel do you guys usually stay on (there
was nobody on #gnome-themes on GimpNet)?




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