Base color for OK/APPLY stock icons

I've in mind to update some GTK+ stock icons with ones in
gnome-icon-theme or drawing new ones.

I'm here asking for suggestion about the APPLY/CANCEL/OK triad.

Let's assume that a good representation for CANCEL icon is the
stock_calc-cancel (the red x) in gnome-icon-theme: it's just a fresher
version of current GTK+ stock icon, it has a different shape from stop.

So, if the CANCEL icon is a cross, the OK icon could be something like
the emblem on Enter key and the APPLY a check mark. IMHO it's a good way
to distinguish them. And of course it's just the current implementation
in GTK+.

But, what about colors?  Using the GNOME palette we can use blue, green
or accent green (see attachments for OK icon). Do you think is better

        Apply(green accent) Cancel(red) OK(green)

        Apply(green accent) Cancel(red) OK(blue)

        Apply(blue) Cancel(red) OK(green)

PS the attached apply icon is just a test, the OK icon should be the
final (maybe some minor touch on arrow head)

Attachment: gtk-ok_blue.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: gtk-ok_green-accent.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: gtk-ok_green.png
Description: PNG image

Attachment: gtk-apply.png
Description: PNG image

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