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On 26 Jan, Shawn T. Amundson shouted:
->  On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 wrote:
->  > Well.. um.. I don't use vi.. :) sorry about that... This is just
->  > important for the DEFAULT theme shipped with GNOME. The themability
->  > should be there to change whatever you like, but by DEFAULT a well
->  > thought-out setup should be installed, instead of it being hard-coded
->  > into gtk/gnome/apps. With E I say the default setup sure was much
->  > fuller than any default setup I ever saw out of twm or fvwm "out of the
->  > box" - but it is heavy... you can lighten it.
->  Yeah, E is a bit heavy - 8MB memory.  I think mine it got statically 
->  linked...
->  Ok, stage 1.  Changing the look, theme-o-dream-o-rama style.
->  One of the goals in GTK was to keep the widget set small and 
->  efficient.  So how do we add this stuff and keep memory usage 
->  and such to a minimum?  I suggest we create a few example 
->  widgets of what we want to do as proof-of-concept that we can
->  do it without bloating the toolkit.

Well the more images/pixmaps the theme uses, the more memory - but that
is a user choice, so that cannot be gotten around.

->  How about we start with a button.  What things are going to need to
->  change to gtkwidget, gtkcontainer, gtkbutton, gtklabel, etc. just 
->  to get a button to look different?  How do we "plug" in the themes
->  so they can change at runtime?  Or do we need to restart the app?

Lets first deal with having themes at all. So restarting the app will be
needed. For now that is okay.. but only for now.

Today I brewed up a page on themes. Please take a look and sedn

I hope that will describe some Ideas I have in more detail. If you have
anything to add, please do. The implementation of the above as far as
drawing the button is fairly trivial. Lets' get the desing done, so we
can try adding to gtk functions to at least come out with a "test"
widget set of gtk that can have modified buttons - then lets try
improve the code desing, and then move onto other widgets. Soon we
should have all of GTK covered, then we have themability, stage 1.

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