[gnome-summary] Re: GNOME Summary in Bengali

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
> This idea sort of popped in on a very cold day - is it ok if i
> volunteer to do a Bengali version of the GNOME Summary ? First as a
> trial run (i need to get my mindset in) and then somewhat more
> permanently...
> What do i need to do ?

Absolutely!  We'd love to see more translations.  Danilo has set up a 
method to extract the text from the english xml file and then you can just 
translate that and then merge it back into a translated xml.  That way, 
everyone gets a translated web page thats identical to the english one.

Generally, what we've done is set up a schedule (sorry, I'm expanding for 
the benefit of others):

We try to freeze on Saturday afternoon (4pm, Eastern U.S. standard time), 
and that gives translators one day to translate gnome summary before 
sending it out on Monday.  We'll probably start adding things like last 
time we can edit the summary etc etc.

I have not completed the HOWTO on the translations as of yet.  But the 
first paragraph pretty much tells the overall procedure.

Since you're interested, I will add you to the gnome-summary mailing list 
so you are abreast of changes in the xml file so you can translate it.



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