[gnome-summary] Web Developers volunteers

Hi guys!  Thanks so much for volunteering!  I had no idea we'd get so many 
people.  This is great! :)

So, what we want to do is a couple of things:

* We want to make gnome-summary web data translatable. That means, people 
should be able to read gnome-summary in German, Spanish, Latin, whatever.  
Currently, the way it's set up is not very friendly to that.  

* We'd like to have an easy way for people to make submissions of 
  articles.  This is kind of tricky, as we don't want to end up being
  www.gnomedesktop.org (footnotes).  We want our site to be unique with 
  unique content that people will find interesting to read.

* We might want to create a summary of hacking in the future, so creating
  the infrastructure for that might be interesting.

* the last one is an overhaul of the software map.  However, we will need 
  the gnome webmasters to OK that.  What I want for the software map is to 
  be able to create entries where we can create entries that can also be
  translatable.  That way, when we create stories on particular software 
  projects the description for those projects will already be there, and
  translated in whatever languages that are available.  This saves us

Danilo, Jim, Sebastien, anything else you want to add about our current 
direction on Gnome Summary?  Also if you can use these guys for the GNOME 
webspace that might be interesting too.


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