GNOME internships wrap-up

Dear GNOME GSoC and OPW 2014 interns,

Thank you for all your contributions to GNOME this summer!

If you have not done so already, please be sure to do the following this week:
1) Update your page at or , including links to your merged or 
work-in-progress contributions
2) Write a wrap-up blog post
3) (GSoC only) Fill out the final evaluation from Google

If your code or other contributions have not been merged yet, please do your best to follow through the 
review process to merge what you worked on this summer as soon as possible.

We would love to see you continue contributing to GNOME. Please feel free to continue asking your mentor and 
other members of the GNOME community for guidance and advice in your participation in GNOME.

Your blogs will continue being aggregated on Planet GNOME for another half a year. After that, you would need 
to be the GNOME Foundation member to keep your blog on Planet GNOME. If you contributed to GNOME before the 
GSoC application process and are not yet a member, you should consider applying for the membership soon. If 
you only started contributing to GNOME after February 2014, we ask that you continue contributing for another 
half a year before applying.


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