IMPORTANT: GSoC Pencils down

Dear students,

The final deadline for Google Summer of Code is approaching fast. Today
is the suggested pencils down date, and next Monday (September 23rd)
will be the firm pencils down date. What this means is that this week
would be a good time to finish your project ;) The firm pencils down
date is the end of the coding period for you.

After that, from Monday 23rd to Friday September 27th 19.00 UTC, you'll
have time to fill the final evaluation. This is similar to the

A vital part of your Summer of Code was reporting about your project,
your problems and solutions. You did a great job there! Congrats!
Nevertheless two things will influence the final evaluation. First, we
want to see all of your project wiki pages on
up-to-date. This means, that the project pages should contain all
information about what you did during this summer. This includes
reports, repositories or downloads, screenshots, etc... 
Second, we would like to see a final report about your project on your
blog if you have not written one so far.
Both are due until Monday 23rd. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you fail to meet these requirements, it could have a
serious impact on your final evaluation

To summarize this:
- Finish your projects this week and fill your final evaluation from   
  Monday 23rd to Friday September 27th 19.00 UTC
- Make sure that your project pages are up-to-date until Monday 23rd 
- Write a final report on your blog until Monday 23rd September

That's all for today, hope you had a great hacking/mentoring summer and
see you around!

  on behalf of the GNOME GSoC admins

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