Re: Newbie to gsoc :D

Hi All,

I'm Udesh Liyanaarachchi and my nick in IRC is udeshl. I have been selected to GSoc 2012 for the project of adding voice control for Banshee  through the GNOME organization. It is glad to join the GNOME community and hope to here from other Gsocers this year. I was guided by my mentor Alexander Kojevnikov and contributors like David Nelson , Bertrand Lorentz.
I'm a final year student from Computer Science & Engineering Department , University Of Moratuwa , Sri Lanka and this is my second time for selecting to GSoc program. I've got the message from GNOME and would love to follow the steps as mentioned.


Udesh Liyanaarachchi Eng (Undergraduate)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University Of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka.

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