Weekly Work Summary- Week 1

Hello all,

I'm not sure if I'm the first one to submit, but here's my summary for the week.

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 01

This week I have concentrated on getting myself acquainted with the GNOME technologies that I will be using in order to generate a functional keyboard. In the process I have created an xml parser and a simple keyboard generator that creates a keyboard based on a JSON object. When creating the xml parser I had issues with beginning the code (some mental blocks), but my mentor introduced me to e4x. This great little _javascript_ extension saved me tons of trouble and I was soon able to finish the parser.

Next week I plan to continue working on the keyboard generator with the intention of producing a keyboard with level-switching (for the symbols view). I also want to begin integrating libcaribou components, so that more than one keyboard model can be accessed, since right now it will only take the information from the US layout.

My planning was accurate. I knew that I would mostly be introducing myself to the technologies I will need for the following weeks in this first week. I also managed to finish a couple of the small projects (as mentioned above) that my mentor suggested.

I definitely would suggest taking a look at e4x if you're doing any _javascript_ coding. Also, JSON has a bunch of nifty tricks that make creating objects from string hierarchies much easier. There is not much in my git log at the moment, but you can find the keyboard-related code at github under the account name nohemi for the GNOME Onscreen Keyboard.


Nohemi Fernandez

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