Telepathy integration into Evince: Week #5

This week I discussed design options for the contact-chooser with Allan Day.  We started by looking at the design he had thus far, and talked about the UX.  We discussed having a modal dialog for the 'Currently sharing report with' window instead of a separate window.  This dialog would branch off of the 'Add shares to report' dialog.  Separate windows can be a bit much, and kind of confusing for the user.  Trying to keep everything in one window may be overwheling.  The modal dialog may serve to help create a nice, clean and organised interface.

We also talked about how this would fit into Evince's interface.  Having the contact wizard in the side panel may be an option to explore.

In addition to discussing desing goals, I have been playing with Vala as Danielle mentioned that is the language of choice for the project.  The Treeview with list store looks like a good candidate widget.

Tiffany Antopolski

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