Improve Shotwell Slideshow - Weekly Report #3

Hey guys,

This weekend was my birthday so I didn't had time to write my report, sorry.

This week I finally updated the wiki: and I added the code so far to Gitorious:

Talked to my mentor and I do not have to implement any fallback mode, so I can concentrate on the Clutter side of things. This week unfortunately I haven't coded too much so I still don't have a clear idea of the transition effects API. I plan to implement a few effects this week so that I can actually have an API by next week.
Also talked to my mentor about the Mx dependency and unless we have a good reason for it, it's better to use Clutter directly. So I started writing a simple toolbar using Clutter that gets the icons from Gtk. In only a few lines I already have a non-functional but quite pretty toolbar.
However, I realized that Mx might be useful for doing some cool transparent settings dialogs. I don't think I should focus too much time on that now, however, so I might implement it as an optional feature in the future if I have the time.

Plans for next week: implement a few transition effects to work out an API, have the basic controls working and put the settings dialog at use again.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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