Telepathy integration into Evince: Progress Report

Progress report:

   Since the start of the program I have been learning gtk+ programming, using Foundations of Gtk+ development as my resource.  This is going well.  I have written only small programs to wrap my mind around may of the behaviours.  I now have an understanding of callback functions and events.  I have a pretty good understanding of what the main loop does.  I am also  working on understanding Telepathy and am finding it a bit difficult to get into and to get a firm grip on. I am using the telepathy.freedesktop wiki and the collabora-telepathy wiki as resources, as well as the Telepathy chapter from Open Source Applications.

My first task is to get some code talking to telepathy.  It needs to be able to track accounts coming and going as well as tracking changes to the contact list.

Since my project is to integrate Telepathy into Evince, I have built Evince from git source.  I have also put some thought into the UI should work and look.

I have set up a gitorious account where I will commit my code (  I haven't commited anything as of yet.

In addition to GSOC, I also attended the Open Help Hackfest in Cincinatti this week, and worked with the docs team and 2 of their GWOP interns on the gnome-user-guide.  Although this event is not related to my project, I learned a few new useful skills such as triaging bugs and applying patches.

I am attaching a mockup of two possible ways the contact-chooser wizard could integrate into Evince's UI.  The view is from the Document Viewers menu bar. It includes a bit of a design for the wizard.

other things:
  - understanding of asynchronous programming.
  - look at nautilus-sendto code.
  - it was mentioned on irc that I may want to look at python-introspection and how it can be used to facilitate my project.  I haven't had a chance to speak to Dannielle about this yet.

- Tiffany

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