GTG & liblarch - Week report #02

Hi everybody!

This week I started to build another demo application [1]. I took the existing liblarch library from GTG source and put it to my application. The application contains several buttons, liblarch widget (wrapper around tree widget) and several special use cases.

* Add a task - add a task to the list. If just one task is selected, the new task is added as a sub-task
 * Deleting a task - deletes all selected tasks
 * Load many tasks - add many tasks at once

The goal is to have an application as simple as possible to test features and bugs of liblarch. I've started to identify problematic use cases, e.g. removing the tasks which has a sub-sub-task (the tree is at least 3 task-height). Nonetheless, there are still plenty of possible situations to check. Those situations should be written down as unit tests. They will be precious when parts of liblarch are rewritten.

The goal for the next week is to make the unit tests suite as powerful as possible.

See you next week!



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