Weekly Work Summary- Week 10

Onscreen Keyboard- Weekly Report 10

I started the week off rewriting my implementation for the message tray show/hide feature by creating counter that takes into account lock/unlock and getting rid of the extraneous variables that were making the program a bit inconsistent. With Meta.later_add I was quickly able to get rid of some shell warnings about allocation cycles that had been a part of my previous branch release. Then after 4 hours of rebasing back onto GNOME master I got my next challenge from Dan. He wants me to convert the current Caribou GTK3 input module into just a generic GTK module using ATK instead of GtkIMContextSimple and install it into the GTK module directory. So, I spent a day trying to figure out where the modules were kept and how to install it into the correct place. Then I spent another day studying AT-SPI, ATK, and GTK API to learn a little bit more about what I needed to get done, since up until this point I've spent most of my time on _javascript_ generation rather than interlacing APIs. As a side note, I fixed the chat bubble, which I realized was moving the focus too early (and I wasn't able to type into it) and which I was creating too small of an allocation to place it in.
Basically, I had a lot of new challenges on my plate for the week and I feel content in what I managed to finish. I was able to get the GTK module to the point where I just need to find a couple more methods (I think) to correctly get it hiding/showing properly on button presses into text boxes. Since, it is coming down to the last two weeks of my internship I think that I'd like to spend most of my remaining time working on perfecting the GTK module and cleaning up some of the code that didn't end up being used in the project.

I learned so many new things this week, such as:

How amazing this website is http://developer.gnome.org/

<danw> ok, so if you do ctrl+alt+f2 to get to a console window, and log in there, you can do
<danw> gdb -p `pidof lt-gnome-shell-real`


Nohemi Fernandez

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