GObject property binding support in Glade - Weekly Report 09


I said I would have some more time this weeks than in the numerous weeks before, and while I had to do my exams (the two that I wrote went quite fine, btw), I was indeed relatively productive!

Besides some minor tweaks to the "Bind to source..." dialog in Glade (it showed the property you want to bind to as a valid binding source - useless and probably dangerous ;)), I spent most of my work time on my "gtkbuilder-gbinding" GTK+ branch - more specifically, teaching it to read a transformation function name from a <binding> element and locating the function in the same manner as gtk_builder_connect_signals() does for signal headers. For this purpose, I introduced two new public functions gtk_builder_create_bindings() and gtk_builder_create_bindings_full() which correspond to gtk_builder_connect_signals() and gtk_builder_connect_signals_full(), respectively. (This also means that property bindings aren't create implicitly created on gtk_builder_add*() as was done before in this branch, but only explicitly by calling the aforementioned functions.) I also added the needed documentation and a test case for the new feature while I was at it.

My Glade branch also received a basic understanding for transformation functions in its data model. It is now able to open files with <binding> tags that have a transformation function specified and save them again without data loss. Everything else (being able to see and edit the transformation function name of a binding) is on my agenda for the next one or two weeks.

Denis Washington

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