Anjuta as an AVR development environment - Weekly report #8

Hi all,

Past week I created a new composite widget, which has a 'changed' signal, which emits when one of the widgets inside my own widget changes. This widget will be defined in my AVR plugin, which will be loaded by the 'build plugin' default in Anjuta. In this way the 'configure dialog' can listen to the changed signal of the widget, and when things got changed, it can immediatly update some other GUI parts of the configure dialog.

I also modified to build plugin of Anjuta, and it now actually makes use of the changed signal of the widget, updating the configure command, when any UI changes. Integrating avr-gcc is almost finished now, but I haven't tested it yet because I had some improperly configured makefiles, and I couldn't fix it myself.

This week

- Test my modifications of the build plugin, and my own AVR plugin, and fix any errors.
- Start with the intregation of the GDB, the simulator 'simulavr' and the JTAG bridge 'AVaRICE'
-- Find out how to override some of the debug actions.
-- Create plan on how to start simulavr or avarice.

I'm also going on vacation this thursday, I'll be back on Friday, 29th.


Anjuta modifications:
AVR Plugin:


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