GSOC - getting things gnome adding search week 8


This week i spent most time creating and developing the search interface.
I dealt specially with the advanced search widget, trying to provide an easy and fast way do more complex (and syntax full) searches.
I found that doing this is a lot of verifications and a lot of variables that can go wrong, from lost focus on widgets to different methods of achieving the same thing, but i guess i learned a lot of pygtk :)

i also had to change a detail of my implementation, which was using the main task tree and filtering it for search results to a different view of that tree, so i can keep search results, avoid reseting filters all the time and, probably in next week, create a different view in the interface for that.

Next week is all about finishing the interface and stating to combine more complex searches.

For more details on the interface go here.

João Ascenso

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