Location-aware GNOME Shell: weekly report 6 + 7

Hi friends,

I also skipped report 6, so here is the past two weeks compiled in one report.

- integrated a new panel into the gnome-control-center ; it's just
called Locations for now, has a homegrown UI not discussed with the
designers yet, and it not even sure to stay in there, but this way I
can write the glue code between the control-center and gnome-shell ;
- it works! The locations defined in the control-center are now
displayed in the Shell's calendar popup (loosy UI that I won't even
screenshot), although the locations in the control-center are not
added in a very sexy way (manual typing of country, city, timezone)
- toyed with geocode-glib, which is a nice GObject-friendly wrapper
around Yahoo!'s PlaceFinder API. It works like a charm, except that it
looks like PlaceFinder can't return more than one result at once,
which makes it useless for places suggestions when you look for one ;
- learnt how to use GSettings, GVariant and glib-compile-schemas, neat stuff.

What's next, dare you ask.

- some designers told me on IRC that a "Locations" panel might not be
appropriate, and that it would be better to offer a distinct
application instead. Don't know how this will turn out, but I'm
already working on the logic code in my control-center version, so a
sep[ea]rate app *shouldn't* be too much work, biggest part being the
infrastructure around it (name, icon, git repo, bugzilla, autotools &
friends) ;
- I would like to use a web service to look up locations, instead of
using only LibGWeather (which will be used for fallback anyway) ;

Oh and I'm 21 today! Save up for a birthday cupcake at the DesktopSummit!


- Stéphane.

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