Making GCompris sound more Musical - Weekly Report 9 & 10

Hola Gnome!

These two weeks have been 'Code clean up weeks',

Added tooltips to rest of the icons in the piano and sing-along activity, hope that helps the users more.

Had a few hiccups with my local git repository, so wasted time in getting back the code I already did.

Implemented the Sing-alone mode for the sing-along activity, kids are allowed to use this code after they practice enough to try singing alone watching the screen without the audio.

Tried to bring about the Mouse feature, stuck on it for a week, though am almost done with it, need to get suggestions for the way in which i implemented it from my mentor.

Preparing for the next - Rhythmiks activity, I had a concept in mind-- i.e. When a song is played, according to the beats of the song, the keys that the user has to press will appear, but finding and mapping the beats of the song is impossible and I need to process a lot of audio for that, so thinking in similar lines I think we can instead map the notes of each song.

Preparations for Desktop Summit�: I plan to present two main activities I did, the Piano and the Sing-along (like a karaoke player). All my paper work is done, ready to fly out to Berlin :)

Hope to see you all there :)

Karthik Subramanian
+91 99401 38729
Chennai, India

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