GObject property binding support in Glade - Weekly Report 09


Sorry for being so late with this report; I am at my parents' house currently, so I didn't have as much coding time due to family activities. However, I took some time in the weekend and today, the result of which being that there is now full support for transformation functions in the Glade UI!

What this means is that you can now enable the use of a transformation function in the "Bind to source..." dialog and type in the function's name. My GTK+ branch can then use this information to correctly connect the function. (I implemented the GTK+ part last week [1].)

This means that the branch is now essentially feature complete! There are still two features of g_object_bind_property() that I mentioned in my original project plan and which are not yet exposed in Glade - two-way bindings and control over the G_BINDING_SYNC_CREATE flag - but these are not really important and might not make their way into the branch (at least during GSoC). More probably I will focus exclusively on bug fixing, corner case cleanup and UI improvements in the remaining weeks, which includes getting my work reviewed by my mentor, Glade's maintainer Tristan van Berkom and the GTK+ team. I'm going to talk with my mentor about this very soon.

Denis Washington


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